Double Eagle Communications
Better Connectivity = Better Communication = Better Business
Double Eagle Communications is proud to be selected as a MITEL 3000 preferred installer. Our certified technicians are there to design, install, and provide service tailored to your communication needs.   

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Double Eagle Communications also sells and services the following telecommunication and peripheral equipment:




We also sell and service a wide variety of other telecommunication systems and products,  please use our contact page for more information.

"Many vendors mistakenly assume that small businesses lack the resources or the sophistication to fully leverage the benefits of Voice over IP technology, in fact, the exact opposite is true. Small businesses are in constant need of reliable and cost-efficient technology that helps them compete more effectively, improve operations and control costs. The new, advanced capabilities of the Mitel 3000 are designed to allow these organizations to take advantage of the benefits more commonly associated with larger IP telephony systems, without having to pay large system prices."

Double Eagle Communications uses the following quality cable, connectivity products and cable testing equipment in our cabling installs, to name a few: